We’re looking for someone local to the Penrith area or at least Greater Western Sydney so we know you can get to rehearsals on time and reliably.

You must have your own complete drum kit with cymbals etc.

You must have your own transport that can at least take your drums to gigs.

Preferably between ages 25 and 35 but so long as you’re over 18 and mature then that’s fine.

Preferably someone who dabbles in guitar or at least has a passion for songwriting as you’ll be a fully fledged member of the band and not just a drummer for hire. That means you can also tell us if our guitar parts or melodies are shit. Whatever it takes to make better music.

We don’t mind if you play in other bands but we won’t accept cancelled gigs because you need to play for someone else. Basically we need the same amount of commitment from you that we put into this band.

Your musical taste is your own but it would help if we’re all at least in the same ball park. Our musical influences range from the Beatles to Slipknot but we basically like to write music that has a solid beat, strong melody, heavy guitars for the most part but we also dabble in the slow pretty stuff. We love double kick but prefer to use it sparingly for more impact/accent. We’d prefer a solid kick and snare groove than just constant double kick but sometimes that’s what’s needed. We like drums that serve the song and not your own ego. We don’t play crazy intricate music. It’s pop-rock more or less.

Have a listen to some of our videos below and if you like what you hear and think you’d be a good fit then fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

P.S. We rehearse at least once a week generally on a Monday or Wednesday. If once a week is not doable for you, that sucks, but if you’re the perfect fit for us then I’m sure we can work around it.